Our collection of sessions will brighten your skin, help you feel invigorated, and give your skin that youthful glow again. Our goal is to help you age gracefully.

Be loyal to your skin, and reap the benefits. Talk to your aesthetician about savings on regularly scheduled and kept appointment series.

Pelle Jet Plasma Skin Revision

Jet Plasma is the most advanced, revolutionary plasma technology available that can be used to brighten and tighten skin, shrink pores, reduce hyperpigmentation and promote high levels of collagen regeneration.  It works by contracting and tightening the fibers inside of your skin and stimulating collagen and fibroblast activity, skin remodeling from the inside out. $1140

Lightwave LED Therapy Series with TLI

Through the skin’s repeated exposure to targeted Light Therapy and Topical Light Infusions, (TLI) one can expect to greatly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and sun damage, surgery and acne scars, loose in-elastic skin, acne, inflammation or oily skin. These results are best achieved through a 10 treatment series. The frequency of treatments are at least 2 times per week, lasting 60 minutes. Each experience is extremely pleasant and relaxing. $950.00

Dermatude Meta Therapy Series Program

Meta Therapy is a clinically proven – 100% natural anti-aging treatment. Meta Therapy, the skin itself will activate its natural repair mechanism and starts to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin is restored from the inside out through regeneration of skin tissue. The treatment also involves placing active ingredients into the skin, which enables to carry out very specific and targeted treatments that suit the skin type and purpose of the treatment. 8, 1 hour treatments. $1600.00

LIGHTWAVE LED Skin Therapy Series

Schedule your LIGHTWAVE series in a package of 10 to receive the optimum results. Each treatment will take approximately 45 min. and will need to be scheduled at least 2 x a week for 5 weeks. Visits include a skin cleansing, gentle exfoliation and proper post care skincare with SPF. During the rejuvenation process, choose between a Tension Lift scalp treatment or a hand and arm hydrating treatment. Once purchased, a Pro will reach out with scheduling options. If desired, they can also discuss payment options. $650.00

Resurface and Restore Peel and Boost Series

Sorella Apothecary Peel Series will safely resurface the facial, neck and decollate skin restoring an evenness in color and texture, reducing appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. The proper formula will be selected for your needs and the series will be completed after 4 Peel treatments, (1 every 2 weeks). *Included in the series is a complete Sorella Apothecary home care kit to ensure proper healing and even more beautiful results. $520-$820

“A beautiful, clean, and welcoming environment. Pelle Sana Skin Spa is a little slice of heaven! On two different days, I received the Dermaplane treatment which left my skin super smooth and blemish-free. No pain and no downtime whatsoever. For my second treatment, I signed up for the Customized Facial with gua sha / hot and cold stones. It was absolutely the best facial experience I have had to date. It delights all of the senses. Great aromas, perfect temperature of the table, beautifully clean and safe setting, and the results were beyond expectations. I am planning on coming on a monthly basis!”